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Hughes, Cody, and Newell Score in 2nd Annual DRC Memorial Opener!

Hughes, Cody, and Newell Score in 2nd Annual DRC Memorial Opener!

Port City Raceway / Tulsa, Oklahoma
Thursday, August 29th / 2nd Annual Donnie Ray Crawford Memorial Night 1

The first half the six divisions vying for 2nd Annual Donnie Ray Crawford Memorial titles opened the three day mini sprint bonanza on Thursday night.

The Non Wing, Sportsman, and Restricted divisions produced 11 heats that were then accompanied by a second set of inverted heats before five consolation features formed the field for the first round of DRC Memorial main events.

With Bob Hurley Ford presenting the opening night of the 2nd Annual Donnie Ray Crawford Memorial, the prestige and loot stayed within the Tulsa area in all three divisions. And two racers have decisions to make come Saturday night.


Jay, Oklahoma’s Jordan Herrman joined Tulsa native Jeffrey Newell on the front row of a 25 lap Non Wing main event that would guarantee the top 8 finishers a spot in Saturday’s 2nd Annual DRC Memorial Finale.

Newell seized command immediately, gaining distance in each turn over Herrman and Chris Cochran. The majority of the field played Port City’s battleground low, with the exception of Cyril’s Cord Dodson, who fell from his outside third row starting spot toward the tail of the field.

While Dodson began an unofficial Hard Charger run, Newell stretched his lead each lap, reaching lapped traffic at the halfway point , before the first and only caution of the race flew as Tulsan Ty Hulsey idled in the infield.

What seemed an opportunity for Herrman, Cochran, and Oklahoma City’s Trey Marcham as the field was bunched up one more became was voided by the savvy veteran Newell, who pulled away once more.

PCR kingpin Chris Andrews was joined by Cord Dodson as the race lit up once more. Both took to the vaunted cushion in their pursuit of the top four and began making decisive headway.

While Newell was whistling to a widening lead, Andrews and Dodson were high above Herrman and Marcham, creating the sort of classic Port City duel that has earned the 1/8th mile bullring fame throughout the national racing community.

Newell went unchallenged in scoring the 2nd Annual DRC Memorial preliminary win aboard the WCI Inc., Risley’s Trash Service, Bob Hurley Ford, Fenton Graphics, and Metric Cycles sponsored no. 1.

Ever a favorite whenever he pulls onto the track, Andrews bested Herrman late for the runner up spot. Both Newell and Andrews now greet Saturday with the option of accepting the Non Wing Front Row Challenge presented by Port City Raceway, should the duo opt to tag the final row of Saturday’s Non Wing A Main - they would be eligible for an extra $500 should they make it back to the top spot. Should they accept the Non Wing Challenge, the pair would be paid $25 for each position they improve in Saturday’s main event.

Jordan Herrman makes a feast of the field most weeks in blitzkrieg fashion (inverted point averages line up weekly sorties), storming from the tail of the field to the podium with great regularity. Starting from the pole position on the opening night of the 2nd Annual DRC Memorial, Herrman uncharacteristically fell to the three spot at the conclusion, a testament to the deeply talented group of Non Wing 600’s on hand.

Pryor, Oklahoma’s Frank “The Legendary” Flud continued Non Wing success. Locked in a virtual tie in 2013 Non Wing points headed into the non-point special, Flud used a late move to nab fourth with Chris Cochran completing the top five finishing order.

Falling to the rear column early, Cord Dodson thrashed away at the famous Port City cushion and earned back each of the 8 spots he lost in the early going, bringing in a 6th place finish with multiple PCR track champ Harlan Hulsey and Oklahoma City’s coast to coast gasser Trey Marcham completing the 8 competitors that are locked into Saturday night’s 2nd Annual Donnie Ray Crawford Non Wing Main Event.

Jason Tracy, Jordan Herrman, Cody Cordell and Harlan Hulsey earned heat race victories over the 36 car field, with Trey Marcham, Herrman, Chris Cochran, and Jeffrey Newell speeding to qualifier scores.

Josh Marcham earned first transfer status out of the 12 lap C Feature, while Jarrett Crouch led a four way exodus out of the 20 lap B Feature.

“Non Wing” Preliminary A Feature (25 laps): 1. 1 Jeffrey Newell (1); 2. 77 Chris Andrews (8); 3. 92 Jordan Herrman (1); 4. 81 Frak Flud (7); 5. 7c Chris Cochran (3); 6. 7 Cord Dodson (6); 7. 11 Harlan Hulsey (11); 8. 32 Trey Marcham (4); 9. 89 Jarrett Crouch (13); 10. 25 Jason Tracy (5); 11. 98 Derrick McBride (9); 12. 73w Dylan Ward (12); 13. 24 Hunter Fischer (10); 14. 5 Ty Hulsey (15); 15. 54 Jake Beasley (16); 16. 5c Cody Cordell (14)
Lap Leaders: Newell 1-25
Hard Charger: Chris Andrews +6

“Non Wing” B Feature (20 laps - top 4 transfer to A Feature): 1. 89 Jarrett Crouch (1); 2. 5c Cody Cordell (3); 3. 5 Ty Hulsey (5); 4. 54 Will Scribner (2); 5. 21 Rodney Maner (6); 6. 77D Dean Drake (9); 7. 24t Trenton Borchers (7); 8. 39 Sterling Hoff (4); 9. 20s Steven Curbow (8); 10. 27k Kyle Keeler (16); 11. 8 Josh Marcham (13); 12. 13B Brittany Yarwood (10); 13. 51B Bailey Felkins (14); 14. 82cc Christian Kinnison (11); 15. 47 Austin Helt (15); 16. 7D Dalton Conrad (12)
Lap Leaders: Crouch 1-20

“Non Wing” C Feature (12 laps- top 4 transfer to B Feature): 1. 8 Josh Marcham (2); 2. 51B Bailey Felkins (5); 3. 47 Austin Helt (1); 4. 27k Kyle Keeler (6); 5. 05c Eric Cantrell (9); 6. 77c Dillon Conrad (3); 7. 12 Shane Hacker (4); 8. 43w Cory Wiegart (8); 9. R1 Rayce Bowen (10); 10. 91L Cole Lambert (7): DNS: 00 Grady Chandler, 4 Jared Fell
Lap Leaders: Marcham 1-12


Sand Springs, Oklahoma’s Brendon Wiseley paced the pole of the 25 lap 2nd Annual DRC Memorial Restricted preliminary A Feature with Restricted point leader and five time 2013 winner Bailey Hughes alongside.

Hughes snared the quick lead with Wiseley and Tyler Vandiver in pursuit. A pair of early yellows slowed the progress of most of the field, with the exception of yet another Sand Springs show Tristan Oakes.

Eating alphabet soup, Oakes dismissed the 12 lap C Feature before riding a high side surprise from the back to win the 20 lap B Main on the final lap. Starting 13th, Oakes was poised for another run, working up to 5th just a few laps into the preliminary main event, but was forced pitside under yellow with mechanical woes, ending a crowd pleasing effort from the young racer.

Hughes began to appear invincible as she drove away on each restart. The third and final yellow flew at the midway point for Ryan Hunt’s second loop. Sensing this, Wiseley launched a fairly wicked slider (for winged cars) at the leader, but Hughes rejected his offer and drove off to take the 2nd Annual DRC Memorial prelim score aboard the Sawyer Chassis, Metric Cycles, Lightning Wings, and Mychron Tom supported 777.

Wiseley became embroiled in a late race affair with Tulsa’s Taylor Reimer, with Reimer battling by on the final lap to snare the runner up spot.

Both young ladies now have the option of accepting the Restricted Front Row Challenge presented by CTE Construction Supply. Should they accept the challenge and tag the back of Saturday’s 2nd Annual DRC Memorial Restricted Main Event, each will earn $25 for each position improved, as well as a $500 bonus should they make it back up to the front.

Wiseley held on for honorable third place showing, with Quinton Standlee and Austin Lambert completing the top five finishing order. Ross Racing’s Kaylee Bryson claimed sixth with Tyler Vandiver and Noah Harris closing out the top 8 prelim finishers to lock in to Saturday’s main event.

Jase Randolph, Hughes, Ryan Hunt, and Quinton Standlee each topped heat race action over the 31 car field, with Austin Lambert, Kaylee Bryson, Montana Garrison, and Brendon Wiseley scoring qualifier wins.

“Restricted” Preliminary A Feature (25 laps): 1. 777 Bailey Hughes (2); 2. 25 Taylor Reimer (15); 3. 21 Brendon Wisely (1); 4. 95 Quinton Standlee (9); 5. 92 Austin Lambert (6); 6. 11B Kaylee Bryson (11); 7. 93t Tyler Vandiver (3); 8. 20 Noah Harris (7); 9. 1s Joey Schmidt (5); 10. 65g Montana Garrison (8); 11. 222 Jaiden Hughes (14); 12. 2w Josh Wakley (10); 13. 49 Trenton Jackson (16); 14. 95H Ryan Hunt (4); 15. 11 Blake Hulland (12); 16. 7T Tristan Oakes (13)
Lap Leaders: Bailey Hughes 1-25
Hard Charger: Taylor Reimer +13

“Restricted” B Feature (15 laps - top 4 transfer to A Feature): 1. 7T Tristan Oakes (13); 2. 222 Jaiden Hughes (1); 3. 25 Taylor Reimer (5); 4. 49 Trenton Jackson (4); 5. 15 Jase Randolph (3); 6. 3s Steven Smith (2); 7. 35 Chris Coster (8); 8. 18 Mason McGuire (14); 9. 2 Grady Widener (6); 10. 65 Taylor Garrison (10); 11. 4 James Fell (11); 12. 00$ Nate Burkett (15); 13. 17z Zach Moody (16); 14. 92s Sawyer Guidry (7); 15. 2A Alison Slaton (12); 16. 88k Kelsey Gray (9)
Lap Leaders: Jaiden Hughes 1-14, Tristan Oakes 15

“Restricted” C Feature (8 laps - top 4 transfer to A Feature): 1. 7T Tristan Oakes (2); 2. 18 Mason McGuire (1); 3. 00$ Nate Burkett (3); 4. 17z Zac Moody (4); 5. 57T Kyle Thompson (6); 6. 14 Haley Hollan (5); DNS 98 Nathan Weida
Lap Leaders: Tristan Oakes 1-8


Known throughout Port City confines as “The Candyman” Mark Lutz paces the pole position of the 25 lap Sportsman main event with Ken Simmons alongside.

Lutz nabbed the lap 1 lead, but Simmons powered ahead just a circuit later as battles shaped up and intensified throughout the field.

Broken Arrow’s Ryan Cody moved up from the outside 2nd row to track down Simmons, stealing the point on the 8th round.

The first caution of the 25 lapper waived for John Stowe’s mishap with an infield tire, giving Simmons and newfound third place pacer (and PCR Sportsman point leader) Craig Carroll opportunity to top Cody.

Cody pulled away as Carroll worked past Simmons for second. Cody reached lapped traffic with five rounds remaining and worked it flawlessly. A caution flew with three laps left, but Cody’s maneuvering in lapped traffic gave him a double dose of lapped cars to buffet his lead over Carroll in the ensuing restart.

Cody skillfully pocketed the final 12 turns to earn the 2nd Annual Donnie Ray Crawford Sportsman prelim win aboard the Skip’s Performance Corner, RC’s Lawn Care, and Factor 1 Racing sponsored no. 7.

Carroll maintained the runner up spot with Ricky Glover blasting up from the 5th row to complete the podium. Simmons and David Doss rounded out the top five with Dave Nicholson transferring from the sole B Feature to claim sixth.

Inaugural DRC Memorial Sportsman titlist Danny Clum advanced from 12th to finish seventh at the line with Charles Corte claiming the 8th and final lock position for Saturday night’s 2nd Annual DRC Memorial Sportsman Main Event.

Ken Simmons, Luke Tipton, and Mark Lutz earned heat race wins over the 21 car field with Ricky Glover Sr., Randy Cody, and Kenny Howard scoring wins in qualifier action.

“Sportsman” Preliminary A Feature (25 laps): 1. 7 Ryan Cody (4); 2. 33 Craig Carroll (5); 3. 32 Ricky Glover Sr. (9); 4. 14 Ken Simmons (2); 5. 82 David Doss (10); 6. 84 Dave Nicholson (13); 7. 71 Danny Clum (12); 8. 413 Charles Corte (15); 9. 70t Luke Tipton (7); 10. 25c Randy Cody (3); 11. 41 Lucas Pruitt (11); 12. 18 Raymond Hill (6); 13. 56 Mark Lutz (1); 14. 6 Randy Myers (16); 15. 12s John Stowe (8); 16. 69 Kenny Howard (14)
Lap Leaders: Lutz 1, Simmons 2-7, Ryan Cody 8-25
Hard Charger: Dave Nicholson, Charles Corte +7

“Sportsman” B Feature (12 laps - top 4 transfer to A Feature): 1. 84 Dave Nicholson (2); 2. 69 Kenny Howard (1); 3. 413 Charles Corte (3); 4. 6 Randy Myers (4); 5. 9B Isaac Barr (5); 6. 14B Brandon Henson (8); 7. 16 Darrius Myers (7); 8. 33P James Parker (6); DNS: Jonathon Forsythe
Lap Leaders: Nicholson 1-12

The 2nd Annual Donnie Ray Crawford Memorial continues tomorrow night, Friday, August 30th on Port City’s feisty highbanked 1/8th mile oval. The second and final preliminary night will feature the Outlaw, A Class, and Junior Sprint divisions.

Friday’s three divisions will then join Thursday night’s trio of classes for the star studded 2nd Annual Donnie Ray Crawford Memorial main events on Saturday night, August 31st.

Gates open at 4pm with racing program igniting at 7pm both nights. General admission is $9, pit admission $25.

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